Be foolishly in love,
  because love is all there is.
   - Rumi (1207 - 1273)

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Friends Outside of Time CD

The Poetry of Rumi read by Adrian Vyner-Brooks

Although the poetry of Rumi originated in 13th century Persia and is revered in many Middle Eastern countries, it is the poetry of our time here in the US. Although it originated over seven centuries ago on the other side of the world its message speaks to us today. It is an effective force for positive change.

Betsy Bevan, Will Ridenour, Adrian Vyner-Brooks, Meredith Holladay

Friends Outside of Time is a CD featuring the poetry of Rumi. 27 poems are read by Adrian Vyner-Brooks, which were translated by Coleman Barks and Michael Green, with original music by:

  • Betsy Bevan on piano,
  • Will Ridenour on kora and percussion,
  • Meredith Holladay on vocals.

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